Joy Cunningham is a Senior Technical Officer at FHI where she provides oversight for the research utilization portfolio of youth reproductive and sexual health activities.

I was happy to spend early November in Denver, CO for the 2010 American Public Health Association meeting.  There, I was able to be able to “debut” the new IYWG Web site during a poster presentation on global interventions on adolescent reproductive health. Click here to view the session.

It was validating to meet and chat with fans of the IYWG resources and hear positive responses to our newly re-designed Web site. Web design can be a tedious process and the encouragement at APHA served to bolster my commitment to the outcome.

I was also pleased to officially launch our newest IYWG publication “Evidence-based Youth Peer Education Guidelines” at a panel session on adolescent sex education. To check out this session click here, or  view my presentation.

A special thanks to the moderator, Claire Brindis, for facilitating a lively discussion on future directions for sex education. I was most impressed by the support for our new resource— many people eagerly took the copies I brought and asked how to place an order.

We are excited to continue the launch of the guidelines over the next month. Stay tuned for an “ask the experts” on-line discussion with peer educators from Y-PEER, our partnering organization in the production of the guidelines. And, check back in with our blog for guest blogging by peer educators around the world as they share experiences (and pictures!) of the guidelines in action.  Click here to view the guidelines. To order your copy, please email: