The IYWG is hosting an online forum to discuss youth peer education.  We’ll be focusing on the recently completed Evidence-Based Guidelines for Youth Peer Education.   Discussion topics include program planning, recruitment and retention of peer educators, training youth to be peer educators, leading peer education sessions, supervision and program management, monitoring and evaluation, and addressing gender in peer education.

The e-forum presents an opportunity for everyone – whether you’re a program manager, a supervisor, a peer educator, or just someone interested in improving youth peer education – to ask questions and share their experiences.

The forum will begin at 9 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Monday, January 10th and end at 5 PM EST Thursday, January 13th.  Beginning on the 10th, you can submit questions to our experts and share your experiences with colleagues working in peer education.  Because our experts live in a variety of time zones, their responses will be posted beginning on the morning of January 11th.

Click here to learn more about our experts or register for the forum.