At the IYWG, one of our major activities is producing and disseminating publications and tools that advance the sexual and reproductive health of youth. That is why we are always happy to hear from organizations that are using our materials!

Recently, we sent a shipment of our Muslim family life education curriculum to the Kenya Muslim Youth Foundation. After receiving the copies, they graciously shared with us quotes of their colleagues’ reactions and photos from the dissemination. We were so excited, we thought; “why not share this with our blog readers as well?”

“The book is very interesting, particularly to the Muslim youth. The book has specified the roles both male and female youth could play to avoid idleness; this prepares them for the responsibilities ahead of them when they will marry and have children.”

“Indeed, it is a good book that will be used by our facilitators during our workshops.”

Thanks again to Kenya Muslim Youth Foundation for sharing these photos!

To view the Muslim family life education curriculum, click here.

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