Opening plenary session

It is day one of the International Family Planning Conference (ICFP) and young people will play a pivotal role in this year’s conference. There are more than 150 young people attending, and there are a number of presentations, sessions, and other events dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health of this population. 


“This is an opportunity not just to talk about issues of youth and family planning but for young people to be present as well.” Dr. Robert Blum

The international attention being paid to the unique needs of young people could not be more timely. In developing countries, as many as one-third of adolescent girls give birth before their 20thbirthday. Furthermore, lack of access to family planning services leads to approximately 7.4 million unintended adolescent pregnancies every year. This conference provides an excellent opportunity for young people and professionals in the field of youth sexual and reproductive health to gather together for one collective purpose—ensuring that the needs of youth are met today so that they can achieve the promise they hold for the future.

Youth participants at PRB's Youth Policy Communications workshop

The Interagency Youth Working Group (IYWG) is thrilled to be a part of this monumental event. FHI 360, on behalf of the IYWG, is hosting several exciting sessions and events, including our annual meeting, that focus on youth sexual and reproductive health. To learn more about the IYWG-sponsored events at the ICFP, please visit our website and check our blog for daily updates.