Kara Perez has a degree in English from Wesleyan University and has been working for Smart Girls since September.

I don’t know about you, but I have some of my best ideas at the most unusual times- at the grocery store, taking a shower or just falling asleep. The idea for Smart Girls at the Party was conceived by Meredith Walker and Amy Poehler over a late night bottle of wine. Realizing the enormous pressures on girls and how difficult the process of growing up can be, Amy and Meredith wanted to start something where girls can go have authentic experiences as themselves and be celebrated for it. Smart Girls at the Party is a website and youtube series that serves to highlight the talents, smarts and ambition of girls around the world. Our tagline is ‘Change the world by being yourself, something we all believe in. We strive to show girls that who they are right now is enough.

We want to celebrate interests and passions that girls have and we want them to share themselves with the world. Smart Girls at the Party uses several different shows (Operation Nice, Girls of the World, Ask Amy, Meow Meow Music and Smart Girls at the Party) as a voice for girls everywhere. Our website, sgatp.net, is also a place where girls can find other amazing women and girls, like our Smart Girl of the Week. Visitors can learn how to make fun DIY projects or submit their own content. As a team, we work every day to showcase the amazing Smart Girls who have gone before us and the ones that are growing up now.

The show Amy hosts, ‘Smart Girls at the Party,’ is a show where she interviews a girl about an interest or hobby she has. We’ve done things like drag racing and glassblowing. We want to make it very clear that you are already standing out just by being who you are. Nothing else required. ‘Girls of the World’ invites girls from anywhere on the planet to show us around their hometown and introduce us to their culture and way of living. We’ve done places like New Zealand and Mali.

Smart Girls at the Party is more than a website or a youtube channel. It’s a way of viewing and valuing yourself and the world. Everyone can be a Smart Girl.