We’ve reached a milestone! The next issue of InfoNet we publish will be our 100th. We couldn’t let that slip by without a little fanfare.

Since November 2003, we’ve emailed InfoNet to approximately 5,000 subscribers all over the world. Each month, InfoNet provides information on the newest tools, curricula, briefs, reports, and peer-reviewed research articles about youth sexual and reproductive health in the developing world. We provide short abstracts of all the featured documents and link to them when we can. What could be more convenient?

But don’t just take our word for it. Recently, we conducted an evaluation of the IYWG’s knowledge management products, and here’s what a few respondents told us about InfoNet:

“As a technical advisor I need to be up to date to support field staff. InfoNet is my number one source of academic publications. I often send it to colleagues and use it for our organization’s journal club.”

 “I like InfoNet because it is my only way to get all of that information in one place and it’s great that you put it together for us.”

 “I started using the IYWG about 5-6 years back. I was receiving the newsletter [InfoNet] and visiting the website while I was completing my post-doctoral work and working with a youth group. I use it for doing research, preparing for conferences, developing intervention procedures. It is fantastic!”

Today, InfoNet is compiled by essentially the same team of people who put together the very first issue, and I want to take this opportunity to thank them for all of their work. Thanks also, to you, our readers, for your enthusiastic support of InfoNet!

If you are not subscribing to InfoNet and would like to, please visit our website (www.iywg.org) and look for the InfoNet signup link in the left-hand column. Also, if you would like to submit a publication to be featured in InfoNet, please write to us at youthwg@fhi360.org.
You can find back issues of InfoNet here.