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Suggestions and Guidelines for Guest Bloggers


Half the World has a very clear mission: to deliver compelling, up-to-date information about young people’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH). This can be broadly defined to include larger development, economic, and health issues that affect youth SRH. Our emphasis is on young people in developing countries, but we know there is much innovative work underway in other parts of the world as well. 


Please read a few of our blog entries to get a sense of the blog’s tone. But don’t worry about matching the style exactly. We want Half the World to represent the diversity of our readers, who enjoy feeling a connection with the author.  Rather than simply reporting facts, share your story in a personal and engaging, yet professional tone.

Post Length

We request that guest blog submissions be about 500 or fewer words. This is just a guideline, though; if you have a really interesting story to tell, feel free to write a post that’s a bit longer.

Author Information

We want to credit you for your post! Please include a short bio describing yourself and your work. Here is an example:

Joy Cunningham is a senior technical officer at FHI, where she provides oversight for the research utilization portfolio of youth reproductive and sexual health activities.”


If possible, include one or two related images—photos, screen shots, or graphics—that you would like to share. Please be the copyright holder of your images, or secure permission for us to use them.


All guest blogs will be reviewed. The IWYG reserves the right to edit posts. Any that are heavily edited will be sent back to the author for approval before being posted.


If your post is time-sensitive, please discuss this with us so that we can ensure that it is posted on schedule. In general, you should allow at least two weeks from submission to posting.